About VilCart

"The future of India lies in its villages" this equally applies to E-Commerce. With this strong belief Vilcart has started to revolutionalize Rural unorganized Retail Industry with Technology and to provide best quality products at best price to every rural house holds with best in class supply chain and logistic facilities.

With the thrust on Internet, India is becoming digital. Next big set Customers for E-Commerce are getting ready in semi-urban and rural areas, whose aspirations are as large as urban users. From the current 18% penetration in the semi-urban and rural areas, it’s expected that by 2021, the internet penetration will be as high as 45%. This represents a significant growth opportunity for e-commerce to serve this segment and a potentially important growth lever.

These enablers will mean a much higher CAGR for semi-urban and rural e-commerce opportunity than urban and estimates based on demographic spread, likely users, number of transactions, average selling price (ASP), etc., the e-commerce market for this segment is likely to be a US$10b-US$12b opportunity in the next four years. The entire rural opportunity, once reasonably built, may also provide other use cases like peer to pear transactions, micro lending and credit, health care distribution, etc. This may also be a significant dollar value market over and above the anticipated US$10b-US$12b market size.
Extracts of EY India Report on Rural e-commerce: The untapped potential


Vilcart is bridge between Rural Consumers and the Manufacturers/Primary Market. Vilcart is building a strong pipeline which connects each villages with a strong network.


Gets Quality Products at best Price


Can do their business at ease and concentrate on growth

Rural Youth / Women

Can get better Employment and Training

Self Help

Groups can get an additional Income


Can reach the REAL LAST MILE

How are We Bridging Rural Kirana

Vilcart will provide Sourcing support, Logistic Support, Marketing Support to Rural Kirana, Which results in greater savings to Rural Consumer


Management Team

"Talent wins games, but Teamwork and Intelligence win Championships."
--Michael Jordan
We all are One and for One Reason

Prasanna Kumar C
Co-Founder & CEO
Amith S Mali
Co-Founder & CMO